About puerto viejo

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is located in the Limon province on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Boasting exotic flora and fauna it is a vibrant, eclectic seaside town with pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and home to many species of wildlife. 

It is paradise; where the jungle meets the sea!


Formerly a tiny fishing village, Puerto Viejo has a relaxed atmosphere and is a lively place to have a fun relaxing vacation or to retire. It is truly a unique town compared to other parts of Costa Rica.

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all year round

always warm!

It’s always warm, boasting a tropical climate where the temperature remains consistent throughout the year at around 30 degrees Celsius. Sunrise and sunset are around the same time throughout year (about 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM).

The closest airport is Limón International Airport which is 55 km away, although most people prefer the drive from the capital city of San Jose to Puerto Viejo.

There are both public and private schools in the area with a number of different extracurricular activities available in the area for both children and adults. The area prides itself on ethical, sustainable living, where one can co-exist peacefully with nature. The perfect balance, between living in a modern world and doing what you can to minimize your carbon footprint. Costa Rica is powered almost 100% by green energy. 

Rated number one!

Recently, The Happy Planet Index rated Costa Rica as the Greenest and Happiest country on the planet. 

Costa Rica, a country where the locals are warm and friendly people and who refer to one other as ‘ticos’.

If you’ve ever traveled to Costa Rica you can understand why it was voted the happiest country on the planet — with its abundance of greenery, natural resources like spring water, fresh sweet fruits and vegetables, jungle wildlife, majestic scenery, pristine beaches, waterfalls, mountains and rainforests. Sun, Jungle & Sea!

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